Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hoya Saxa

Finally, I can go to Georgetown basketball games whenever I want, I can walk through Healy Gates to admire campus whenever I want, and yes, I can buy all the clothes and paraphernalia at the overpriced bookstore that I want. These are exciting times for me.

I went to my first Georgetown DC Alumni Club meeting this week. They wined and dined us at Cafe Asia near Farragut Square -- not to be confused with Cafe Japones in Dupont, where the sushi comes with a side of karaoke -- in an attempt to bring in fresh Hoya-blue blood.

I'm proud to report that although the university no longer considers me a "young alumna" -- I graduated one year too early for that -- the alumni club does. A) This makes me feel young and vibrant. B) This means I get a discount to join. For people who graduated between 2004 and 2008, the joining fee is discounted. And for the babies who graduated in 2009 and 2010, it's free. Smart of the leadership -- best to bring people in early, even if it costs the club money, so that they'll become invested and stick around as they get older. For DC-area Hoyas who may want to join, more info here:

The club offers volunteer opportunities, cocktail parties for networking and interacting with Georgetown faculty, wine tastings, game watch parties, and travel. Arkansas didn't have such a club; there weren't enough alums throughout the state, let alone in Little Rock, to have one. The best I could do was be an alumni interviewer for undergraduate applicants, which helped me stay connected to the school, but didn't give me the chance to get to know other alums. So, after years of getting emails about events I couldn't attend, I finally have the chance to become a part of a local alumni network.


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