Tuesday, August 23, 2011


DC and apparently the East Coast from SC through Mass was just rattled by a 5.9 (estimated) earthquake. Evacuated the office as the building increasingly shook. I'd estimate lasted under a minute. Can't say I really knew what I was doing -- growing up in Montgomery County, MD, we weren't exactly taught survival strategies for such situations. Blizzards and black ice, we got that covered. The ground shaking under us? Not so much.

The PR machine for the epicenter's town of Mineral, VA - population 478 - is really on top of it. I guess they don't get the chance to be the subject of an international news story too often.

Seems like the National Mall is still evacuated and Amtrak has ceased service. No serious damage and nobody hurt -- that I've heard -- but have already heard some pretty interesting stories of where people were and how they were reacted: Sitting in the stirrups at the gyno's office? Check. Trying to fly out for your own wedding? Check. Watching your paintings fall off the walls? Check. Open forum to post yours here.

P.S. Should we be worried about an aftershock?


  1. I was in my office and one of my co-workers jumped up and yelled, "where are my emergency evacuation people?!" A little comic relief during uncertain times.

  2. You didn't learn about earthquakes while in Arkansas? Some fracking going on nearby? (Glad you're safe).

  3. I was in Costa Rica where we have earthquakes frequently. Welcome to the club.