Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yooooooo Cake

Why not combine all current dessert trends in one - and open a place that serves BOTH fancy light frozen yogurt AND cupcakes, TOGETHER?

And so a novelty is born, Yocake.

Choose a cupcake, add your yogurt flavor, pour on the toppings.

I discovered this place in none other than Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. Apparently, it's not your average boring mall food court. Craving something cool on today's Indian summer afternoon, I went to the eatery at the mall in search of this place that I remembered from many a high school lunch hour. No recollection of its name, but it had salads and frozen yogurt. You could blend in different toppings, and the resulting concoctions were delicious. I really wanted one today. At first disappointed the place no longer existed -- this shouldn't have been surprising almost a decade later -- I was pleasantly surprised that there was now an even better option.

Check it out:

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