Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Acadiana has turtle soup!

I need this. Turtle soup is one of my most favorite things in this entire world, and I didn't know it could be found anywhere beyond New Orleans or New Orleans-inspired chefs elsewhere in the South.

It seems a little cruel to eat turtle meat - I get that. Especially after that chapter in Life of Pi when the shipwrecked main character leaves making turtles a meal until his last resort. But it's just so good. And drizzled with a little bit of sherry - amazing.

The first time I tasted it was at Commander's Palace in New Orleans a couple years ago. If it wasn't for a certain fellow Hoya who shared some of the best of NOLA cuisine at her rehearsal dinner, I might never have discovered this delicacy. Then I had it in Little Rock, at Ashley's at the Capital Hotel. I was pretty happy that the chef, Lee Richardson, was bringing his native New Orleans flavors to Little Rock. But Little Rock is so close to New Orleans.

Now to find an excuse to go to a fancy restaurant here...

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