Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bagel City's onion board

Several months ago, long before I moved back to Washington, my little brother introduced me to the onion board. The onion board is a very delicious type of flat bagel that is covered, I mean immersed, in onions. This is like the quintessential onion bagel. It is crispy on the edges, sort of like a pizza crust, and doughy and warm in the inside. Ours were the first batch of the day, and we had to wait for them to finish baking, but some waits are just worth waiting for.

The magnificent onion board

I mention that my brother brought me one before I moved back to D.C. because it was almost like a cruel temptation. You know how you don't know what you're missing -- until you do? I guarantee you that there's nothing quite like this anywhere besides Bagel City, a wonderful Rockville establishment, let alone Arkansas. As further proof of this, I'll reference my companion visiting from Little Rock, who was pretty much in Jewish culinary ecstasy at this place. Hamantashen, rugelach, whitefish salad, black and white cookies...these things just don't exist everywhere, and I know that from experience.


  1. I have to agree that it was worth waiting for and worth coming all the way from Arkansas for. Maybe we can get a Bagel City in Little Rock soon?!?!?!?

  2. Bagel City is the best! I moved away from Rockville and miss it!

  3. fact: Bagel City's actual name is Bagel City Explosion.

  4. Not too happy about the recent news that Walmart is going to take over where Bagel City is...