Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wintry beach

Went to the beach in Delaware for a few days. Not much open, except the movies and the outlets and some restaurants. No real surprise. The main point isn't to do anything; it's to do nothing. It's to read and fall asleep by the fire, cozy inside, looking at the pretty, cold snow, outside. Posts on the beach in the summer here at Small Town Little Rock and in the early fall, here at 26minus5.
Sunrise over the Assawoman Bay, Ocean City in the distance
Washington may have had a No-mageddon Sunday, but it snowed much more here, probably close to a foot from the looks of it. When we arrived, Clyde initially frolicked in the snow, then realized it was cold and looked like a little bunny hopping several inches in the air trying to get to a warmer spot.

Get me out of here!

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