Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tree Stump Table on NBC4!

Wow, thanks to NBC4 Washington, the mystery of the tree stump tea service is becoming famous! NBC4 posted before and after pics on its Facebook page and even made the picture its cover photo.

Caption from NBC4 Washington's Facebook page: When life gives you downed trees - make furniture. This is what tree-removal crews left for a Woodley Park resident.

The after and before pics featured at NBC4 Washington's Facebook page - tea set and tree stump table; ginormous tree that fell thanks to Hurricane Sandy

Tree stump table

Looks like the city of D.C. left us a present when they removed the tree fallen from Sandy's winds. The table, chairs AND the tea set appeared on my front porch when I got home from work yesterday.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy pays a visit to my street

This just happened.

A huge tree in my front yard just fell down, across my yard and that of two neighbors, across Cathedral Ave. and hit a car. Amazingly, no houses or people got hit. We are incredibly lucky.