Monday, December 13, 2010

Things that annoy me about the Metro

1) The reverberating roar from below clearly means a car is approaching, and yet people still stand on both the left and right sides of the escalator.

2) Someone decides to bathe himself in cologne before getting on in the morning. Save it til you get to work. On a packed rush-hour metro, no one wants the headache your cloud of perfume is creating.

3) There's enough room for your body, but not enough for the purse that's hanging on your shoulder, so every inch you move, you're jostled. The alternative of putting said purse on the ground is far from appealing...who knows if that carpet is ever vacuumed?

4) A passenger has to have her hand just so on the railing, meaning there's nowhere for you to put yours unless you feel like holding hands with her.

I won't add the fire at Metro Center as a source of today's Metro-induced vexation. Fortunately, the delays on the blue and orange lines didn't affect me, but it's also not their fault a light fixture caught fire. At least no one was hurt. I guess I could end this post on a more glass-half-full note and say that I'd rather deal with a day full of inane frustrations than someone actually being injured by a fire on the mass transit system.

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